Special Blemish Cover Up for acne scars


Why did millions of Korean women chose the Red Spot Cream?

Because it is the most effective Blemish Cover Up Cream!

Don’t be sad about acne scars anymore.


If you are looking for the Blemish Cover Up Cream, here it is !

To cover up the imperfection and make skin looking more flawlessly without irritation, Ciracle’s million seller item, Red Spot Blemish Cover Up Cream!


Cover up the unwanted blemishes and conceal the imperfection!

Big hit Blemish Cover Up Cream, 98 percent of customers said “Excellently Satisfied” You can see fast respond from this little container.

Brings you great soothing effect. Ciracle believes that every scar can be cared. 

Red Spot Blemish Cover Up Cream will not only cover your unwanted blemishes, also help your skin looking flawlessly.

Cautious about using it before the makeup. Since its texture is creamy and sometimes little too heavy for the skin.

Try to avoid mixing up with other products.

In rich cream type form which protects the scars from the harmful environment.

Intensive spot care for acne spots and scars. Suitable for any skin type, especially great for sensitive skin to use.

Directly delivers great ingredients for skin without any skin irritation.

Transform your acne scars into flawless state.

How to use

1) Apply on overall face with trouble mark as the center after toning in day and night.

2) If you want to feel the fast absorption, it would be better to apply Spot Healing Cream right after toning. 

It is also effective to apply before the sleep.