This face cleansing oil washes from light makeup to heavy makeup clearly.

It helps to tightening enlarged and sagged pores by the plant extracted ingredients, and remove the sebum from the pores as   well.

You do not need to use lip & eye makeup remover separately, or rinse foam as well.


Gentle massage with this face cleansing oil removes your makeup perfectly.

This is the best facial cleansing oil if you are putting on make up everyday.

looking for a product to care pore and moist as well.


Ciracle Absolute Deep Cleansing Oil is made of prescribed water soluble oil, which is safe to our skin.

You can remove makeup, and keep your skin moist and healthy after the cleansing massage.

It is a washable type and not sticky. 

It contains clean and high-purity green tea seed oil obtained by the way of super-critical extraction. 

That is why it is very mild, not causing skin irritation. 

Also, it is suitable for all skin types, especially great for sensitive skin.

How to use

1) Pump the cleansing oil 2~3 times on a dry palm. The facial skin should be dry at that times.

2) Spread the cleansing oil smoothly all over the face.

3) Massage the face with little amount of water left on your fingers and reduce the makeup & skin dirts on your face.

4) Finish cleansing to wash the face with warm water and there is no need to wash twice.